About Us

What is an Alliance?

An Independent Business Alliance is a coalition of locally-owned independent businesses, citizens and community organizations united to support home town businesses in a community or geographic region.  An IBA is a proven tool for helping maintain unique community character, ensuring continued opportunities for entrepreneurs, building local economic strength, and preventing the displacement of locally-owned businesses by chains.  An IBA helps return decision-making ability over a community’s future to the people who call it “home.”

Here to Help

The alliance was formed as a tool to help local, independent businesses become an integral part of the Blackstone Valley community.  As an alliance, we can all help one another and our communities by sharing ideas and by promoting ourselves.  We are here as a resource in achieving that goal.  Please feel free to contact us at any time for guidance, support or to share your ideas and success stories.  We invite you to JOIN the alliance today!

“Local” Means

•  Private, Employee, Community or Cooperative ownership

•  Owned in majority by area resident(s)

•  Full decision-making function for the business lies with its owner(s)

•  No more than 6 outlets, bases of operation lie within a single state